Scotch Whiskey Making Kit with Barrel

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What's better than finding your favorite bottle of booze at the corner bar? Finding a gift for whiskey lovers so they can make their very own tipple in the comfort of home. There's a certain amount of pride that comes with distilling liquor from scratch. The joy of creating something from nothing, the tasty first sip of your proprietary blend, the knowledge that no one else on the planet can enjoy the same drink you just whipped up out of thin air (and some grain alcohol, time, and other ingredients, of course). It's ridiculously satisfying, and now even newbies can enjoy that incredible feeling thanks to this Scotch Whisky Making Kit with Barrel.

The Barrel Connoisseur Scotch Whisky Making Kit is something of a triple threat. The real American White Oak Barrel can be used to make three distinct styles of Scotch: Islay, Speyside, and Highland Malt. Simply combine a standard 750-ml bottle of grain alcohol with one of the three included bottles of essence, shake well to mix, and pour the concoction into the barrel. Age to taste, sampling regularly to see how the flavor changes. The kit also includes a wrought iron stand, bung, and spigot.

It's hard to go wrong with most whiskey gifts, but this is one present that doubles as a gift for men and women who like to experience their hobbies in a whole new light. Educational, fun, and ultimately delicious, the humble wine aging barrel is just what that someone special needs to create a signature liquor from start to finish.


  • The kit comes complete with a wrought iron stand, bung, spigot, and essences for three different batches. Age to your taste!
  • Simply the best tasting spirits you can make.


  • Start by curing your barrel (see instructions for details).
  • Pour most of a 750ml bottle of grain alcohol, neutral vodka or moonshine into the barrel.
  • Add 1 bottle of Essence (per 750ml of vodka) and fill the barrel with the remaining alcohol. (See essence bottle for additional instruction)
  • SHAKE WELL to mix thoroughly.
  • Taste your spirits each week and take notes of the flavor changes.
  • Once aged to your taste, drink from the barrel or pour into a glass bottle to stop the aging process.
  • Best when aged for 2 or more weeks but if you can't wait... DRINK NOW!

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