75th Anniversary World War 2 Pictorial Newspaper Book

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World War 2 is known as one of the most horrific events of the 20th century with key events occurring between the six crucial years of 1939 to 1945. Discover the gravity of the times through some of the best reporting in the world by British reporters who were living through it as they chronicle the many major invasions, battles, political posturing and eventual surrender. World War 2, although rightfully remembered as one of the most horrific times known to mankind, is a beacon of hope showing that good prevails in what seem like the darkest moments.
This gift honors the heroes and history of WW2 by wrapping it in a luxurious black leather cover with gold embossing. There is also a unique pictorial section that features an emotional collection of some of the most moving images captured throughout the war.

Each article is carefully scanned from original articles of the time and bound in chronological order from the invasion of Poland to Japan’s surrender. History buffs, veterans of the war, those with family members who fought in the war but are no longer with us, and political science majors alike will dive into the details of this fascinating and terrible part of human history.

This makes an excellent Father’s Day gift, birthday gift or holiday gift. This is not your average coffee table book. Personalize the cover with up to 25 characters of gold embossing. The title page also comes with a personalizable label where you can include 25 characters along with a message of up to five lines of 30 characters each. Please review your personalized copy carefully for spelling, punctuation and other details to be sure it is exactly what you want printed.


  • This book is personalized and printed on-demand in a state of the art facility. Each book goes through a rigorous printing and quality assurance process which takes around 5-8 business days. This is in addition to the shipping time. Please be mindful of this timeline before placing your order.


  • Book 12 inches by 15 inches 52oz
  • Black luxury leather cover and binding
  • Gold embossed cover
  • Custom 25 character embossing on cover
  • Custom 25 character label on title page
  • Message of up to five lines of 30 characters each on title page
  • Actual scanned articles from British reporters during the war
  • Unique pictorial section of dramatic images from the war

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