Smart Mug with Temperature Control

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The only thing worse than missing your morning coffee altogether is being constantly called away from your warm cuppa only to return, take a big swig, and be greeted with the stale taste of unintentionally cold brew. When life gets in the way, this Smart Mug with Temperature Control takes caffeine quality up a notch by refreshing its contents with a quick press of the temperature button. Simple preselect the desired temperature (it ranges from a balmy 85°F to a downright devilish 160°F) and a simple flick of the finger will rejuvenate clammy coffee until it reaches a much more palatable temperature. Lackluster latte? Icky espresso? Hardly hot chocolate? They’re all the thing of the past thanks to this innovate travel mug.

Imagine your significant other finally finishing a long commute without having to brave a sadly stale cappuccino in route. Your friend could actually enjoy her mocha for once without sacrificing flavor in favor of getting her kids dressed and out the door before the bus comes. Someone in the family planning a road trip? This mug comes with an auto adapter so the beverage inside stays piping hot from rest stop to rest stop. You might not be able to promise that special someone that their route will always be free from traffic but you can absolutely guarantee that their trek will never be cursed with tragic plight of cold caffeine.


  • Pre-Select your desired temperature from 85° - 160°
  • Takes your drink from cold to hot in your car and on the road
  • Stainless Steel mug insulates liquid to maintain heat level even when not plugged in
  • Alerts the user when ideal preset temperature is reached
  • Monitors the temperature of the liquid and displays status on the LED indicator
  • 12 V auto adapter included
  • Size: 16 oz

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