Luxury Spa Gift Set

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Not that sitting at home in your cluttered bathroom with a couple wilted slices of cucumber on your eyes isn’t refreshing, but when’s the last time you had a chance to be truly pampered? If you’re like most people, life is too busy to head to the spa every week, but now you can give someone you care about the gift of a little “me time” thanks to this 100% Natural Spa Gift Set.

Surprise! It’s a bucket full of relaxation, and it smells pretty darn good too. This spa kit contains everything from natural bar soap in two scents to bath bombs and lip balm to a luffa sponge that takes exfoliation to the next level. It’s a one-shop-stop of spa greatness, offering everything you love about a day at the spa without the public changing room and icky commute. It’s a thoughtful gift for mothers who never get a minute off, brides-to-be who need to unload some stress, and pretty much anyone else who longs for a leisurely soak in the bath and an hour two to feel more like themselves.

All Natural Bath Set includes:

  • Lavender Soap Bar
  • Himalayan Natural Soap Bar
  • Lavender Bath Salt
  • Lavender Body Scrub
  • Large Bath bomb
  • Large Shower steamer
  • Clay Facial Mask
  • Lavender Shea butter
  • Lavender Body oil
  • Lip balm
  • Scented candle (4 Oz)
  • Natural Luffa Sponge
  • Face towel
  • Glass Tube with soaking power
  • Gorgeous Box with lid and ribbon (10''x10''x4'')

100% safe, pure and non-toxic,preservatives-free, synthetic chemical-free,alcohol-free,never tested on animals

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