Ammo Can Gift Pack

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The legendary – and highly fictional, or so our source say – Dick Cannon returns with the undeniably macho Ammo Can Gift Pack. Put down your pitchforks and stifle your gasps because this isn’t the bullet and brawn combo you might be expecting. Instead, your lucky gift recipient is going to get the surprise of a lifetime when he or she unwraps an authentic, military field box in the telltale shade of Army green. Instead of the .30 caliber ammunition that used to be nestled inside, your special someone is going to get everything they need to combat dirt, grime, and pesky body odor. In other words, it’s soap! Five officer-worthy bricks of the sudsy stuff, to be exact, so your hunk or hunkette can get military-grade clean, scrubbing until their skin shines like the top of the Chrysler Building.

One all the soaps have been reassigned, the field box can be used for a hundred different purposes. Stuff it full of girlie mags, use it to carry fishing tackle or baseball cards, or refill it with toiletries for the best bathroom caddy on the block. It’s a graduation present your college-bound baby won’t ever forget but this ageless gift will appeal to veterans, military enthusiasts, and collectors of unique items regardless of their age or rank.


  • Variety pack of 5 big ass bricks of soap (one of each variety plus our heavy duty hand soap)
  • Authentic, military field box used to carry .30 cal ammunition. These cans are reusable and watertight, and they make for great hunting/camping storage cans, or the greatest lunch pail ever
  • Also includes a free Stanley screwdriver, proudly made in the USA like all Duke Cannon products
  • Note: Ammo cans are in used condition, and therefore have dents and scratches.

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