BBQ Grill & Cooler Set

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Eating al fresco is one of the great joys in life. The fresh air, the smell of the grass and flowers bobbing around in the breeze, the sweet warmth of the summer sun. Of course, all of that pales next to the rich aroma of grilled meat and vegetables. One sniff of a succulent slab of ribs or grate full of burgers and your heart is bound to go pitter pat. Add some spicy sausages and some saucy shrimp and your life may well be complete. The only problem is that you often want to chow down in locales far removed from your backyard grilling haven. The solution? This portable BBQ Grill & Cooler Set that allows you to take your primary piece of cooking equipment on the road.

Whenever you’re ready to head to the park for an afternoon birthday party or to a friend’s pad for an impromptu get-together, this BBQ and cooler set stand at the ready. Pack the cooler with top-of-the-line ingredients and some must-have refreshments and place everything in the truck. Next stop? Culinary bliss. The set makes a great gift for tailgating enthusiasts, avid campers, anyone going on a road trip, or someone whose patio is a little too petite for a regular sized grill.


  • 11.5" diameter carrier has a watertight 6 can cooler in the top and stores the grill in the bottom
  • Grill has a 10" diameter chrome grill top, 9" diameter chrome charcoal grate, black enamel metal base with adjustable air vent, grill handle, & chrome legs
  • Carrier includes a front pocket, durable rubber hand grip & adjustable shoulder strap (removable) to carry

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