Candles Craft Kit

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Candlelight has a way of softening everything, casting a flattering, warming glow. It can turn an ordinary date night into something super romantic, transform a bath into a spa-worthy soak, and help you relax after a long day wrangling kids or working a 12-hour shift. For crafters, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who just loves a project, this DIY Candles Kit makes the journey as much fun as the destination by allowing you to create your candlelit moment from scratch.

This kit comes with everything you need to get your candlemaking enterprise up and running, including a pour pot, candy thermometer, amber glass tumblers, wicks, fragrance, wax, and more. The tools and ingredients are high quality for a longer, more aromatic burn, and the containers are pretty enough to double as a bit of bathroom or living room décor. There are even custom-designed labels so you can give the whole kit as a gift or just wrap up one of your homemade candles as a surprise for someone special. Prefer crafting in groups? Grab a few of these kits, invite over some buddies, whip up a batch of your signature cocktails, and make your next girls night the most productive one yet.


  • (1) Pour Pot,
  • (1) Candy Thermometer
  • (2) Lbs. of 100% Soy Wax,
  • (4) 8 oz. Amber Glass Tumblers,
  • (4) Wooden Wick Assemblies
  • (2) 1 oz. Bottles of Fragrance Oil
  • (4) Candle Labels (4) Stickers with Burning Instructions,
  • (1) Easy to Follow Candle Making Instruction Sheet
  • (1) Easy to Follow Double-boiler Instruction Sheet
  • (4) Wooden Stir Sticks

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