Climate Change Newspaper Book

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What will we do if Earth can no longer support our bad habits? Our planet is in danger. Temperatures are rising all over the globe, including in our oceans, threatening the diverse wildlife that lives deep under water. Shrinking polar ice caps and rising sea levels are just a few of the warning signs that should have us all sitting up to take notice. The last few decades have seen scientists and activists work tirelessly to put the plight of our planet into the spotlight, and now much of their work — and the media coverage that followed — has been compiled into this endlessly interesting Climate Change Newspaper Book.

Experience the evolution of climate change awareness and science through this timeline of articles culled from nearly two decades’ worth of Washington Post editions. So much more moving and memorable than a simple list of facts, this collection of articles shows how we’ve come to understand the impact of things like pollution and how those problems have manifested as everything from warmer temps to natural disasters.

A great gift for anyone interested in climate change, our environment, or science in general, this book can also be personalized with the recipient’s name and a message of your choice for a truly custom surprise.


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