HENG Balance Magnetic Switch LED Lamp

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Balance is the key to a happy, healthy life, right? Well, it is until you actually try to achieve it! Luckily, this HENG lamp will be a constant and soothing reminder that balance is all it takes to truly feel zen. Invented by Li Zanwen, funded by Kickstarter, and winner of countless design and innovation awards, this unique looking lamp breaks from tradition by turning on and off using balance and magnets! The magnets are inside the two wooden balls in the center of the lamp. Separate the balls too far apart and the magic spell is broken, the light shuts off and the lower ball drops to the bottom. Bring them close enough together and they hold each other in balance mid-air without ever actually touching. Yes, somehow, magically through the perfection of balance, the light then turns on and casts a warm glow into any room where it is displayed.

HENG lamps use only the highest quality woods and materials to ensure that this piece is equal parts sculpture, heirloom and practical furniture. The softly curved wooden surface of the lamp also gives the illusion of diffused light passing through the loop instead of emitting from it. The warmth from this lamp’s light seriously can’t be overstated. It truly draws you in to a peaceful moment no matter where it is.

Bring a little bit of magic and modern design to their desk, dresser, nightstand, kitchen counter...shoot, this lamp looks cool anywhere and plugs into more places than a traditional lamp thanks to its USB plug!

Whether you’ve got a design nerd, physics fan, tech geek, or simply someone who loves doing things a little bit differently on your list this is an unforgettable gift! End the monotony of traditional lighting and light switches and splurge on a HENG lamp. These are destined to become collector’s items.

Choose from 3 designs: Ellipse, Round, or Square (coming soon)
Choose from several colors: Light wood, red, black, white, (coming soon: dark wood)
48 LED light beads
50,000 hours of companionship
warm light for your eyes
environmental protection materials
it will bring you a quiet and warm home.
Convenient USB power supply port
magnetic wear-resistant string
no strobe led
Modern design: naturally fits with any type of decor, including office or bedroom

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