History of Aviation

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No matter how hard we flap our arms, man will never be able to soar like a board – unless he boards a plane. That desire to make like a magpie and take to the skies is no doubt what inspired legendary wingmen (get it?) like the Wright Brothers and Charles Lindbergh to fire up their neurons and invent a way for humans to glide across the wild blue yonder. Now the history of flight is catalogued in fascinating detail thanks to a comprehensive anthology of articles from The New York Times, and it’s one of the few gifts for pilots that puts their incredible job into stunning perspective.

Imagine waking up to the morning paper and reading a headline like "Flying Machine Invented by the Wright Brothers Sails Through the Air Without Aid of Balloon or Gas Bag – Working on It in Secret," or leafing through a full-page pictorial of legendary pilot Amelia Earhart when she was the "Outstanding Aviation Star of 1932." Those moments are captured and reprinted here along with dozens of others as an ode to history and a nod to the long line of inventors, daredevils, and masterminds who helped shaped modern flight. As a gift for men and women who fly – or those who just wish they could – History of Aviation hits just the right note.

We tend to take the ease of today's commercial air travel for granted, but this gift for aviation lovers reminds us all how far we've come.


  • This 12” x 15” hardcover book retraces man’s quest to conquer the skies -- from the Wright Brothers and their flying machine to Charles Lindbergh, the Hindenburg disaster and the breaking of the sound barrier.
  • Containing more than 80 reprinted Times pages, this leatherette-covered book chronicles early air races, Admiral Richard Byrd's North Pole expedition, Amelia Earhart, the Spruce Goose, the invention of the helicopter, the first balloon solo around the globe and much more.
  • It is packed with as-it-happened reporting and photography, and rarely seen pages pulled from the extensive New York Times archives.
  • One of the many surprises in the book is the reproduction of "Lindbergh's Own Story," a 1927 pamphlet discovered a few years ago in The Times archives. This rare document, which appeared in the newspaper 90 years ago, is about Lindbergh's historic New York to Paris flight, as told in his own words.
  • This beautiful compilation with library binding comes with the option to personalize the cover with silver foil-stamp embossing.
  • The pages are printed on premium paper with a light gray tint to accent the historical nature of the pages.
  • Each book comes with a 2.5" x 7.5" magnifier and a certificate of authenticity.
  • Produced in Vermont.

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