History of Comic Books

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If Wikipedia’s entry on comic books was bitten by a radioactive spider, it might grow into this Hulk-sized tome dedicated to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how your favorite pastime came to be. You don’t have to be an Avenger to know that the world is in peril. Evil forces lurk around every corner, and it’ll take a whole lot of superheroes to turn this ship around. It’s no surprise then that we’re more into comics than ever before, and this book is a tribute to that trend.

History of Comic Books comes courtesy of The New York Times, which has been writing about the comic universes since 1940. Over 160 pages, the Times talks turkey about the biggest heroes, the most memorable baddies, and the people who brought them all to life. From Iron Man to Wonder Woman and artists like Stan Lee and Joseph Shuster, both real-life and fictional champions are represented here in all their glory.

This book makes a great gift for geeks, but anyone who has stood in line for a Marvel flick or fallen in love with Black Panther will squeal in delight when they unwrap this prettily packaged present. The world may never be safe from the Lex Luthors, Magnetos, and Thanoses of the galaxy, but perhaps the more we learn about our collective backstory, the easier it’ll be to come together for an even better future.

“History of Comic Books” is our largest 12" x 15" theme book ever, containing Times features, profiles, reviews and magazine articles, plus 28 obituaries of key stars and comic book creators. It is bursting with Times reprinted pages about superheroes on the big screen, on TV and even on Broadway.

All of the headliners with super powers are here – from Spider-Man, Iron Man and X-Men to Wonder Woman, Captain America and Green Lantern. All of the behind-the-scenes masterminds and artists are chronicled, too – from Jerry Siegel, Joseph Shuster and Bob Kane to Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Ta-Nehisi Coates.

An epic gift for movie fans and comic book lovers, from Metropolis to Gotham City, the hardcover book includes coverage right through the release of the ground-breaking movies “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Just like modern comics, our stately leatherette binding features variant covers in blue, red and purple. Pages before 1998 are black and white; later pages are often in color. Includes 75 color pages.

The pages are printed on off-white paper. Comes with a 2.5" x 7.5" magnifier and a certificate of authenticity. Produced in Vermont.

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