History of World War II

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The less we understand our history, the more we're destined to repeat it. For those who want a better future or who just want to better grasp our past, this History of World War II book is a thoughtful gift for men that offers an incomparable recap of the world's deadliest war courtesy of as-it-happened accounts that first appeared in The New York Times.

When World War II first broke out, the Times printed a now-legendary headline: "German Army Attacks Poland; Cities Bombed, Port Blockaded; Danzig is Accepted into Reich." That's how Americans learned of the far-reaching conflict that would go on to change the course of humanity, and now that historic moment and so many others are captured and preserved for posterity in one amazing tome. From the bombing of Pearl Harbor to the moment U.S. marines stormed Iwo Jima and so much more, the biggest battles and most impactful events are recounted in vivid detail.

Inside the book sits a series of full-page reproductions including everything from articles to maps to photos. As a gift for grandpa, who likely lived through the war as a young boy and remembers some headlines vividly, or as a gift for dad, who has his own memories of a community affected by the ripples of war, this book is serves as a memento as well as time capsule preserving an official account of a monumental event.



  • This volume covers Pearl Harbor ("Japan Wars on U.S. and Britain; Makes Sudden Attack on Hawaii"), Bataan ("5,200 Americans, Many More Filipinos Die of Starvation, Torture After Bataan"), Iwo Jima ("U.S. Marines Storm Ashore on Iwo Island"), the Battle of the Bulge, Hiroshima and much, much more, right through V-J Day ("Japan Surrenders to Allies, Signs Rigid Terms on Warship").
  • Full pages are reproduced to show headlines, photos, maps, secondary articles and advertisements that capture war's global impact, from the battlefield to the home front.
  • A historical gift for history buffs and military enthusiasts, the hardcover book has stately leatherette binding and its cover can be personalized.
  • The pages are printed on premium paper with a light gray tint to accent the historical nature of the pages. Each book comes with a 2.5" x 7.5" magnifier and a certificate of authenticity.
  • Produced in Vermont.

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