Hockey History Book

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Finding the right gift for men who love hockey isn’t easy. Jokes about tooth repair and helmet reinforcement aside, it’s difficult to surprise a hockey fan with something they truly want but haven’t already gotten for themselves or from another well-meaning friend or family member. You could spring for another box of pucks or hunt down an updated jersey, or you could go from something truly unique: this Hockey History Book assembled from the archives of The New York Times.

It’s a dream come true whenever an NHL team makes headlines, because that means they’re doing something right – most of the time, at least. The experts behind this collection have assembled the best Times pieces, including game coverage, player acquisitions, playoff runs, in-depth profiles, cover features, and even obituaries. Leafing through the 70+ pages of content is both eye-opening and awe-inspiring. It’s like being transported to the games as they happened, even if the action took place decades ago and thousands of miles away.

That kind of experience is priceless, which is just another reason why this book makes such impactful gift for guys who love hockey but don’t love the idea of another pair of hockey socks quite as much. Have you fallen short in your last few attempts at hockey gifts? Are you trying to get out of the present penalty box? Or perhaps you’re trying to keep up your track record of Stanley Cup-worthy surprises. Whatever your motivation, this beautiful book is just what you need to make your special someone smile.


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • "History of Hockey" retraces the history and legacy of select National Hockey League teams through the perspective of The New York Times.
  • As you look through this 12" x 15" hardcover book, it will take you back to your favorite team's glory days. You'll find as-it-happened game stories, in-depth features, obituaries, playoff results and rarely seen reprinted pages pulled from the extensive New York Times archives.
  • Dimensions: 15" x 12.5"
  • Color: Sea Blue Cover with Silver Foil
  • Material: Leatherette cover with premium stock paper and magnifier.
  • Care Instructions: Dust gently with a dry cloth.

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