Lunar Landings Newspaper Book

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Neil Armstrong made millions of Americans gasp as he made history when he put his big, booted foot on the face of the moon in 1969. But that famous step came on the back of countless years spent planning, plotting, and designing cutting-edge machinery. The Apollo missions were the product of decades of hard work, research, and strength of the human spirit. It was President John F. Kennedy who took the initial goal, which was to simply put a manned shuttle into space, and turned it into a trip to the moon. He thought big, and we all won as a result.

Now would-be astronauts and historians can learn about those legendary Apollo missions and all the surrounding scientific discoveries made by NASA thanks to this Lunar Landings Newspaper Book. A stately green leatherette cover holds page after page of reprinted newspaper articles and headlines detailing the United States’ attempts to win the “Space Race,” updates from NASA, and reports from the moon itself. Whether you were watching TV when it was announced that “The Eagle has landed!” or were born a generation after, you’re sure to be fascinated by real-life accounts of one of the most epic achievements of the 20th century.

Personalize this book for a space enthusiast and wish them well as they reach for the stars in their own life. It's a special surprise that combines the wonders of the past, the nostalgia we feel in the present, and plenty of inspiration for those who’d like to visit a galaxy far, far away sometime in the future.


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