Red Wine Infused Hand-Roasted Coffee

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Is it ever too early to pour a glass of wine? Well, now we don’t have to feel guilty about waking up to the taste of Merlot on our lips. It took Molinari Private Reserve two and half years to develop the perfect technique, but now wine lovers everywhere can brew a cup of morning coffee that’s been infused with red wine for just a sophisticated hint of red wine’s unique deliciousness along with a decent dose of full-bodied caffeine. The beans are bathed in a perfectly selected red wine, allowing it to absorb the wine’s most delicate notes. The coffee beans are artfully dehydrated and roasted by hand in small batches to ensure quality and craftsmanship in each carafe.

French press preparation is the suggested method for optimum brewing and flavor release of these beans. Steep for two and half minutes before pressing down the plunger in a pot full of hot water and just the right amount of medium ground coffee (.6oz for a small or 1.5oz for a large press). But, of course they can grind the beans however they like for whichever preparation most pleases their own palette. It makes an astounding espresso as well! But, for the most robust notes of the wine to come through, serve it cold with milk. Breakfast will never be the same again.

.5 pounds
3 inches by 3 inches by 7 inches
Comes in ½ pound and whole pound bags
Your choice of regular or decaf

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