Napoleonic Wars Pictorial Edition Newspaper Book

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Whether you think he’s a genius military strategist or a power hungry scoundrel, Napoleon Bonaparte is one of European history’s most fascinating characters. From his mysterious rise to power out of the ashes of the French Revolution to his eventual exile and death, the Napoleonic Wars stand out as a major marker themselves in the history of the continent.

This heirloom, black leather bound and gold embossed edition was created to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.The compendium consists of contemporary responses to actual British newspaper accounts of historical battles of the Napoleonic wartimes through his demise. Also included are paintings, illustrations and portraits of key players and moments from the era.

This dense volume contains font sizes that are uncommon today so it has been paired with a handy magnifying glass for reading...and looking superiorly scholarly.

Whether you have a history geek, French or European ancestry, or a love of all things French, this book makes for fascinating reading and viewing. They’ll start seeing how Europe began to shift and lean toward the Europe that we know today.

Make the gift even more special by customizing the gold embossing on the cover with up to 25 characters. You can also customize the title page with a label of up to 25 characters and then a message of up to five lines of 30 characters each as well. Just make sure that you carefully review the copy because it will be printed exactly as you input it. Check for spelling, punctuation and other details at least twice before confirming.

Because of the unique customization available, the book takes up to 5 days to produce.

  • Black leather bound hardcover 
  • Gold embossed cover
  • Up to 25 characters custom embossing on cover
  • Up to 25 characters customized label on title page
  • Up to five lines of 30 characters each customized message on title page
  • Book measures 12 inches by 15 inches

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