Newspaper Recipes from Decades

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How does tomato aspic tickle your fancy? How about chicken a la king? Perhaps you’d like to treat a table full of dinner part guests to creamed chipped beef or hoover stew followed by Watergate salad (which includes zero vegetables, by the way) and some chocolate fondue? Just as fashion has changed over the past century, the food we cook and enjoy has undergone quite a transformation. From classics like tuna noodle casserole that continue to act as comfort food in modern times to gelatinous offerings that may not be quite as possible, the best recipes from the 1930s through the 1990s are included in the Newspaper Recipes from Decades book of course choice.

You choose the decade, and the publisher will reward you with a book full of vintage recipes that look like they were taken straight from newspapers of the referenced time period. Alongside printed instructions for irresistible appetizers and delectable desserts, you’ll find copies of the ads that originally accompanied those recipes — a gold mine of humor, history, and information unto themselves.

Give a single book in honor of a particular decade or as a learning experience for an aspiring cook, or give one to an accomplished chef with an interest in a walk down culinary memory lane. Or, gift a lucky person the entire set of decade books, instantly creating a wonderful library that will serve as inspiration in the kitchen for years to come.


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