Original Newspaper Anniversary Gift

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Christmas Delivery Ground Shipping Cutoff on this Personalized Gift is December 10 at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time

They started out as two and then they became one. Celebrate their birthdays and wedding day with an unforgettable time capsule. This is the real deal, an authentic newspaper from the biggest days of their lives! Give them a piece of their own history and color in their life story for them. It comes in a keepsake vinyl folder to make sure it stays safe for future generations to appreciate.

These original newspapers are gathered by a professional archivist from the world’s largest private collection of stock, genuine, original newspapers. Just about any date from 1900 to today is available and only major media outlets from your specific date will be chosen for this gift. Yup, you give the archivist 2 states, 1 region and 3 dates to research as they pull the best matches possible. Please note that specific newspapers are not able to be requested but you will receive papers from your specified state or region.

Of course, if a date happens to coincide with major national or world events or were printed on a Sunday, an original copy is more rare so you may receive the following day’s paper instead.

This gift includes original newspapers from three dates to commemorate the happy couple.

Don’t forget to personalize it to make it truly a one-of-a-kind, just for them gift! Each set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that you can personalize with their name (22 characters), date (22 characters), and up to five lines (30 characters each) of a special message to mark the occasion. It could be the lyrics to their first dance song or a reading from their wedding or simply a note of congratulations from you. Please be sure to double check spelling, wording, capitalization, etc. Once it’s printed, it cannot be changed.

  • Includes 3 original newspapers each from a different date
  • Select 2 states and 1 region for papers to be sourced from
Personalized Certificate of Authenticity with:
  • Name 22 characters
  • Occasion 22 characters
  • Message 5 lines of 30 characters
  • Your text will be printed exactly as you have entered it
  • Measures approximately 14 inches by 21 inches

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