Portable Table Tennis

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Life should be fun. Cure someone’s boredom with an infusion of amusement when you wrap up this Pongo Portable Table Tennis set. Even the name is a riot! Pongo is the hottest party crazy – or at least it should be. When tedium breaks out, Pongo answers with an easy-to-use setup including two paddles, a portable net, two balls, and a drawstring pouch to keep all the fun and games contained between matches. Simply place the weighted net on any flat surface (no mounting required), snap open the paddles’ retractable handles, retrieve the balls from their hiding place in the net’s post, and let the madness begin.

Snag a few sets as stocking stuffers, give a set to a dedicated gamer with no room for a life-size net, or wrap up a Pongo package for your favorite kid at heart. No athletic ability is required and the compact set only needs a small storage space so it’s ideal for a dorm room, kids room, or even an office cubicle – a little late night table tennis match after the boss leaves, perhaps? Whatever the occasion, it’s bound to be at least a little more enjoyable when everyone lets their competitive sides – and Pongo skills – shine.


  • No mounting required!
  • Weighted net can be set up on any smooth surface table up to 72" (183 cm)
  • Includes 2 paddles with retractable handles, portable net and 2 balls and a drawstring pouch for storage

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