Soul Soak Bath Sets

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What do you do when you insides feel as dirty and tired as your outsides? Sometimes the days feel long and your free time far too short. You deserve better and so does your skin! It’s time for a time out — for you and for anyone you know who’s just as crazy busy and in need of a break.

In other words, it’s time to stock up on these Soul Soak Bath Sets. It all starts with just the right dose of Epsom mineral salts. The company harvests them from natural springs in Epsom, England, before adding in zesty grapefruit and soothing lavender essential oils. The result is a fragrant soak that helps re-energize your spirit and refresh your soul. Oh, and did we mention the antioxidants that are super good for your skin? It's a way to indulge your mind and soothe your body while taking a moment to shut out the noise and rediscover yourself.

Surprise someone in need of an at-home spa day with this soak and help them transform their bath time into a resort-worthy experience. You may not be able to snap your fingers and wish away a rough day, but you can make a huge difference with just one thoughtful kit.

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