Whiskey Lovers Gift Box

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In the 1830s, the average American drank almost 2 bottles of whiskey a week. While that’s a lot to live up to, you can get just as much enjoyment from the occasional tipple served in the contents of this Whiskey Lovers Gift Box.

Let’s face it, whiskey lovers are discerning people. They pass over bland vodkas and brash tequilas in favor of a civilized drink that’s somehow both wild and refined. As perfect for dancing a reel in the middle of Galway as it is for sipping fireside in cold and snowy Minnesota, whiskey is perfect for every occasion that calls for a little warmth and a lot of flavor. Now this punchy liquor has even more style thanks to a set of two whiskey glasses, eight granite whiskey stones, and other goodies all encased in a handsome wooden gift box.

Prepare for endless oohs and aahs when your lucky friend or family member unwraps their box and sees the Time & Oak Rapid Aging Stick. This fascinating stick can be added to any bottle of whisky where it will age the contents to mimic up to 10 years of flavor in less than a day. Give this present to your favorite whisky connoisseur and watch as they proudly serve up their DIY deliciousness with incredibly chic results.

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