Wine Bottle Candle

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Wine is awesome. It’s heart healthy, it tastes delicious, and it helps you forget everything your father-in-law said about politics during Thanksgiving dinner. A good Pinot or Chardonnay is truly a thing of beauty, but sometimes the vessel your vino comes in is even more stunning. Here’s one such example.

This Wine Bottle Candle gives an old bottle a new lease on life. It’s a big piece — a 1.5L bottle, to be exact, or what restaurant pros would call a magnum (feel free to impress your friends with that trivia tidbit). The real magic is what happens when you take the piece apart. The top comes off and flips over to transform into a masterpiece of a wine glass while the bottom doubles as a statement-making 22-ounce candle. Give it to a wine lover who appreciates unique gifts or surprise the hostess at your next dinner part with a present that’s practically guaranteed to be unique.

Perhaps best of all, this multitasking wine candle lives on long after the wax is gone. Use the base as a receptacle for wine corks, try it out as a fun place to stow spare change, or plant a few succulents to make your dining room an even more inviting place.


  • 22oz wine bottle candle (~180 hours burn time)
  • 1 box of wood matches
  • 1 stem base for wine glass

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