Cook’s One Line a Day

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Most gifts for someone who likes to cook end up being a package of pink salt or a bundle of neat wooden utensils. Those are all well and good, but what if you could wrap up memories -- past, present, and those yet to be made -- and deliver a surprise that's truly unique?

Cook's One Line a Day is sort of like a create-your-own storybook that doubles as a gift for cooking enthusiasts. Each journal is set up so that food lovers can write down their every culinary move for up to five years. Meals cooked, cookies baked, dinner parties thrown, new recipes tested, massive gastronomic fails -- there's room for it all to be recorded for posterity. Better than Instagram and more personal than Facebook, One Line a Day serves as a detailed, custom-created ode to everything delicious, disgusting, and otherwise marvelous that your loved one conjures up.

If you're looking for gifts for the chefs in your life, consider ditching the dubious-looking carafe of olive oil and "kiss the cook" apron in favor of something the spatula-wielding person in your life will truly adore. Because the only thing better than grandma's apple pie or your cousin's chicken cordon bleu is a record of how they made it, backstory and bloopers included.


  • A Five-Year Culinary Memory Book
  • This memory-keeper lets food lovers track their kitchen movements every day for five years
  • Cooks can log favorite meals, desserts, guests hosted, big successes, new experiments, and even mishaps day by day
  • Durable and elegantly designed, this diary is the go-to record of cooking life


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