Welcome to ‘It’s Thoughtful’!

You’ve likely found us because you’ve stumbled on the same problem gift givers have struggled with since cave men were getting bopped on the head for bringing home the wrong kind of rocks. Scoring the perfect present can seem like an impossible task, but while you may be hoping for a miracle all you need is a little expert assistance – and that’s just what our team at It’s Thoughtful provides.

It's Curated

Imaginative gift giving is on the decline and that just doesn't sit right with us. Too many products on the market and too little time to wade through them all has led us to rely on easy route - think gift certificates and drugstore greeting cards - rather than hunting for what we really want: unique gifts selected with the recipient's specific interests and personality traits in mind. Instead of introspection, we settle for convenience and we're losing some of our connection with friends and family in the process.

At It’s Thoughtful, we eliminate the guesswork and instead deliver a compelling collection of perfect gift ideas that are always of the highest quality and, of course, unique. From pieces that literally come from museums to experiences that thrill and excite, our handpicked gifts are uncommonly original and extraordinarily appealing.

Rather than sending you off on a wild goose chase where you'll have to sift through thousands of items in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough, we've already whittled your options down to some hand-picked items crafted by the most trusted brands and innovative artists from all over the globe.

It's Unique

Every gift in our vast collection has been selected using some very picky criteria and a very discerning eye so we can offer a catalog far more diverse and interesting than you'll find anywhere else. We've searched high and low to find items that are unique, intriguing, and fabulous. As we worked, we took into account who the recipient might be, what their interests are, what occasions you may be shopping for, and more. It's incredibly important to us that every item you encounter here is thought-provoking and significant in its own way. Maybe it'll make someone laugh, maybe it'll bring a sentimental tear to their eye, maybe it'll make their lives easier or their days brighter. The result is a diverse array of perfect gift ideas and the list just keeps growing.

It's Creative

There's another huge benefit to this type of curation, too. By focusing on independent creators and designers, we're shining a spotlight on artists and craftsmen who might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. It's a beautiful way to connect artists and consumers who might not find each other otherwise. From shoppers to suppliers to the lucky gift recipients, everybody wins. That should make you feel pretty darn good already!

It's Thoughtful!


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