Gardener's Coffee Mug

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When someone is super into their hobby, they start seeing their favorite things everywhere. Lucky for your favorite garden, a horticulturally themed piece of drinkware isn’t a mere mirage, it’s actual reality! This Gardener’s Coffee Mug serves up a hot cup of java with a wink and a nudge thanks to the pot-shaped exterior. Think breakfast means time away from the plants? That’s no longer the case when eggs and bacon can be enjoyed alongside a sip of Earl Grey or creamy latte poured into this terracotta-inspired number. It’s cute, it’s endearing, and it honors your pal’s love of landscaping in a truly creative way.

For the gardener who has everything, deliver a new discovery: a relaxing way to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Encourage that special someone to step back from the rose bushes and put away the rake (if only temporarily) so they can enjoy an al fresco beverage while overlooking their handiwork. From Darjeeling at dusk to a steaming cup of dark roast at dawn, this cup will take a thirsty gardener from morning til night and back again without so much as a single drop of caffeine withdrawal. Wrap it up as a seasonal surprise, tuck it in with a packet of seeds and a folding garden seat for a birthday or holiday gift, or drop it off just because. Their inner whimsy (and their taste buds) will thank you.


  • Comes in uniquely designed packaging
  • Made from ceramic porcelain
  • Holds 325ml of liquid
  • 11.3cmx11.3cmx10.8

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