Letters to the New Mom

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Baby showers can be funny things. On one hand, it's a marvelous way to welcome a new life and celebrate the mama who's working so hard to create a tiny human, but on the other hand, there's only so many diaper games and "guess my weight" contests one person can take. Avoid a meltdown -- or a mass exodus of your poor, bored guests -- with a sentimental product that does triple duty as a fun activity, a lovely keepsake, and a way to keep the in-laws from asking too many questions about baby names or due dates.

Letters to the New Mom is a kit that includes almost everything the new mom's family and friends need to offer encouragement, advice, and congratulations before baby's arrival. There are 12 letters with thoughtful prompts, just in case anyone gets writer's block, as well as stickers to seal up each missive until the time is right. Give them to the expectant mother so she can dole them out to her nearest and dearest, or have guests fill them out ahead of time and offer the completed bundle as your gift for the new mom.

Just don't be surprised if she weeps. The mama-to-be is super hormonal, but you also just knocked this gift-giving thing out of the park. Bravo.

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