Sexy Truth or Dare

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Forget pick-up lines, the new en fuego way to score a hottie -- or get up close and personal with the one you already have -- is Sexy Truth or Dare pick-a-stick. It's less innocent than the original and a whole lot more fun. It all starts with a fire engine red canister that practically screams romance. Slide off the top and discover 50 sticks; one side holds a dare, the other demands someone reveal a sexy truth. Find out more about a new partner or dig deep into your long-time lovers past. Ratchet up the fun factor with risky dares that are sure to cause loads of laughter (and maybe just a little bit of chaos).

If you're looking to reignite the spark in your relationship or give a couple a game that ensures their own fires will never burn out, this game is a keeper. Grab one as a gift for your girlfriend and plan for a steamy night in, or get one for your boyfriend and take his next birthday celebration way over the top. Stuck in a long-distance relationship? Send this saucy game to your loved one and enjoy a rousing phone version of Sexy Truth or Dare that's sure to get pulses racing -- and both of you searching for plane tickets.

By Lynne Stanton

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