Spirit Candle

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Surprises are almost always exciting (except those scary, ill-conceived birthday parties where people jump out and scare you half to death, of course). These candles possess a secret and, when it's revealed, the effect is anything but frightening.


In fact, the Spirit™ Candle was created to serve as a peaceful symbol of love, companionship, and the unbreakable bond that links two people. It doesn't have to be a couple, either; while this next-level candle would make a beautiful gift for a significant other, it would be just as special given to a best friend, family member, or a newly engaged or married couple who are embarking on their own journey as a duo.

As this candle was being cast, the artisans behind its design hid a beautiful bronze sculpture in the wax's depths. As the candle burns down, the figures -- in this case, a pair of metal characters snuggled up in a sweet embrace -- are slowly revealed, transforming an ordinary wax pillar into a breathtaking work of art. This precious reminder of love and devotion would make a lovely wedding gift (it could even be used during a ceremony), anniversary present, or a "just because"  surprise from one lover to another.


The Dance Spirit™ Candle is a symbol of self expression and the power of the human spirit. The cast iron sculpture hidden inside this pristine white wax candle was formed by a lost-wax casting process. As you burn the candle, the statue will emerge from its surroundings. Whether you’re facing a challenging obstacle or celebrating a triumph, let the Spirit™ Candle serve as an ever-present reminder to believe, above all things, in yourself.


The relationship between a parent and child is different than every other bond on earth. Now that connection is being celebrated for the exceptional attachment that is and the result is both jaw dropping and emotional The Spirit™ Candle (Nurture) looks like an ordinary pillar candle but once the wick is lit a new reality emerges. Deep the waxy interior sits a bronze sculpture starring two figures -- one larger, one smaller -- holding hands. The long-wax casting process used to create the candle makes for a pristine product but it's the interactive aspect and the slowly revealed surprise that really take the cake here.

This candle delivers on so many levels. It's beautiful as-is but the sculpture within is a piece that will easily stand the test of time. It will serve as a lasting reminder of your relationship with the recipient. Whether you're a parent-child team, mentor and mentee, big sibling and little sibling, or almost any other affiliation that's built on an unbreakable bond of trust and respect, this gift will pay homage to that link and let the shared love shine.


  • The bronze sculpture hidden inside this pristine white wax candle was formed by a lost-wax casting process
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 6 in.
  • Approximate burning/life of candle is 20 hours, unscented
  • Made in China 
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