99 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

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Imagine walking through the desert for days, weeks even, and finally arriving at an oasis. Your lips are parched, your throat scratchy and dry, and you'd sell your mother for a sip of something delicious. And then you see it -- a coconut. You shake it, and you can hear the juice sloshing around inside. Your mouth is screaming in joy. And then you realize it: you have no way to crack the coconut's shell. The long nightmare continues.

That's exactly how it feels when you're kicking back in front of the BBQ and you can't find your beer opener. It's disastrous and traumatic, which is why this funny gift for guys is so darned perfect. 99 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener is a book that delivers on its promise. Flip back the cover and you'll find just under a hundred mini-guides with photograph and step-by-step instructions explaining how someone can get into that ale, stout, or IPA without a typical bottle opener.

Is there a dog collar, baby carriage, belt buckle, lawn mower, park bench, golf club, ATM, or police car handy? Then access to that cold brew may be closer than you think. As a gift for the guys who have everything but the most essential kitchen utensil there is, this book is a present that will never go unappreciated.


  • By Brett Stern

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