24 Inch Copper Rain Gauge

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Weather nerds, gardeners, farmers and watch dogs will finally be able to see how much rain is falling as it falls! They don’t have to wait until the rain stops to go out to the garden and see how much water collected in their old-fashioned rain gauge after you give them one of these beauties!

The Original Floating Rain Gauge™ is hand made in upstate New York of endlessly recyclable and uncommonly beautiful copper metal that will age and transform in color and texture throughout the years that it is in the garden.

The genius behind this rain gauge is so simple that it’s shocking to think that these guys did it first! It works on the ancient principle of water displacement discovered by Archimedes back in,oh, 250 BC! Basically the water fills up the copper collection flute so that the blue tube is forced to float on the water. The blue tube reveals the depth of water in ¼ inch marks that are clearly etched so that you can see it from the kitchen window without having to put shoes on or get your feet wet. Nobody likes soggy socks.

To ensure the quality of their lifetime warranty, the stake is made of ¼” steel and is powder coated so that it can withstand the elements and keep your rain gauge stable for years to come.

Rain gauges make amazing housewarming gifts and fabulous gifts for gardeners any time of the year. They also are perfect as an offbeat twist on the traditional 7th anniversary gift of copper in the United States, or 9th anniversary tradition in the United Kingdom. Whoever receives it will be mesmerized when they watch the bright blue tube float up and out of the flute as the rain comes down.
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