Adam the Doodles Man

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Bring aimless doodles and fun sketches to life with Adam the Doodles Man, a poseable model who's just begging to strike a pose on some deserving person's desk, coffee table, or bedside stand. Adam is a real work of art. Instead of skin and bones, this metal man is made using coil after coil of stainless steel that has been lovingly looped by hand and riveted together with aluminum. His legs are a whirlwind of circles and curls, his face intriguingly featureless, and his feet and hands always seem ready to drop what they're doing and get in on the action.

Adam may look like a 3D drawing but he can also act as artist inspiration. He's a fully poseable model and he never complains, so your aspiring painter or budding sculptor can make Adam sit, stand, climb, bend, or otherwise assume an interesting position from now until the end of time. He may not be able to answer commands or help make breakfast but he can weigh down a stack of important papers, hold a sticky note, or perk up a boring bookshelf with the greatest of ease. Drawing out dreams is a creative person's greatest outlet -- until now. Give your very favorite virtuoso their own Adam and watch the innovation (and fun) begin.


  • Handmade of stainless steel wire with aluminum rivets
  • Ingenious joints enable Adam to strike almost any pose
  • 12 inches tall
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