Screw Wall Hooks

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When organization is a struggle, a better way to hang clothes could be just around the corner. Industrial chic has a new friend in these Screw Wall Hooks. Combining contemporary design and the feel of modern manufacturing into a design element that honors both form and function isn’t easy, but somehow the creators of the hooks have managed the impossible. The oversized screws are effortless and fun, adding a bit of flair to otherwise drab closets and whitewashed walls. Once mounted, they serve as a playful way to hang clothing, display pictures, or drape scarves, ties, and belts.

Gift a set to a DIY guru who wants to honor their hobby throughout the house or wrap up a set of screws for someone who needs more space in the compact modern loft. These can be lined up in a kid’s closet to complement a construction theme, use in the kitchen to get cooking utensils up off the counter, or attached above the desk in a home office to organize charger cords. The possibilities are almost endless but one thing is for sure: these aren’t your mama’s mounted hooks (but that doesn’t mean she won’t absolutely adore a set of her very own!).


  • Color: silver
  • Set of 3 different screws
  • Approximately 3 x 4 inches

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