Gear Shift Bottle Stopper

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Life in the fast lane has never been sweeter thanks to this Drive™: Gear Shift Bottle Stopper. Race cars and happy hour don’t generally mix, but now even the most dedicated car enthusiast can infuse their passion for the road into dinner and drinks with the gang. Once the cork is popped on a bottle of wine, oxygen immediately begins aging the bottle’s contents, leaving just two options: finish the entire thing, try to stuff the original cork back in, or use an elegant alternative to keep oxidation and bay and secure the remaining wine for another day. Clearly the third choice has earned the checkered flag.

More than just a bottle stopper, this gift is made to mimic the sleek, vintage look of a high-end gear shift. The wooden knob is warm and beautifully contoured while the metal top holds special appeal for anyone who loves to drive stick. As for more practical matters, the tapered base fits neatly into the mouth of any standard wine or liquor bottle and an airtight rubber seal keeps things well-preserved in between pours. Snag one for your favorite road hog, just don’t be surprised when you hear “vroom vroom” noises going from the other room. It’s not their fault, this gift is just that awesome.


  • Inspired by a vintage polished-wood gear shift
  • Airtight rubber base designed to prevent oxidation
  • Wood & metal
  • Secure rubber seal

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