BBQ Apron

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What’s better than seeing the writing on the wall? Having your recipes on your apron. Imagine that every time you go to wipe your grubby, marinade soaked hands on your lap, you get a much-needed refresher on how long that juicy slab of meat needs to roast over the hot coals. That’s the exact kind of culinary genius this BBQ Apron provides. It’s a big swatch of fabric that’s both functional and stylistically sound. In other words, you’ll look as good as you cook.

Whether your guy is a Gordon Ramsay or a few grilling mistakes away from having his tong privileges revoked for the rest of time, these easy-to-follow tips will help turn yesterday’s groceries into today’s mouthwatering feast. From meaty magic to poultry pointers to all kinds of vegetable-transforming techniques, this apron goes beyond the basics to address time, temperature, and even seasoning. Wrap up your wearable cookbook with some grilling tools and a few packets of spice mix for a Father’s Day surprise everyone will benefit from or give a new homeowner a way to ease into cooking for one without the need to tackle the stove or risk burning the house down. It’s always BBQ season and now your best buds can eat finger-lickin’ good food without the worry, stress, or burnt-to-a-crisp mess.


  • An apron full of useful information: cooking times for a variety of meat, fish and vegetables, BBQ tips and tricks and some summertime cocktails to get the party started
  • A great gift for the man who cant boil an egg but insists on taking over the BBQ
  • Design by John Caswell.

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