Crumpled Paperweight

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Work can be boring. Between asking four different bosses to sign off on the same stack of TPS reports and trying to muster through the monotony of yet another day trapped in a cubicle, office life is enough to drive a sane person thoroughly cuckoo. Somewhere between a 9 am meeting and happy hour, worker bees need an outlet, or at least something that’ll make them smile. Give your co-worker, friend, or family member dedicated to the 9-5 grind something to grin about with this playful Crumpled Paperweight.

Frustrated writers and college students know what it’s like to be stuck mid-essay. It’s page after page of useless scribbles and a pile of paper balls tossed into the corner of the room. This paperweight twists that idea into something practical. The piece looks like a lined yellow sheet of legal pad paper that’s been ripped clean and crumpled into a ball but a closer look reveals that the item is actually made from stiff, silk-screened vinyl that has been strategically wrapped around a steel weight. It can be used to tamp down a stack of papers on a desk, to hold a textbook open to the right page, or as an ornament and conversation piece in an office, library, or den. As part of the Museum of Modern Art product collection, this Tibor Kalman and M&Co design is just as visually pleasing as it is a functional collector’s item.


  • Made from rigid silk-screened vinyl, hand-crumpled and wrapped around a steel weight
  • Size Approx. 5h x 4" diam.
  • Made in the USA


From the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) product collection. Tibor Kalman and M&Co, 1984-85. These witty paperweights are made in the USA from rigid silk-screened vinyl, hand-crumpled and wrapped around a steel weight. The Legal Paperweight is featured in MoMA’s permanent collection.

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