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Are you constantly the designated driver? Do you find yourself trekking from one of town to the other with all your buddies in tow? Or maybe you’re the king or queen of the carpool, wrangling a whole mess of kids as you journey from home to school to soccer practice to the pizza parlor to dance class to home again (finally!). Turn each uninspiring day of errands and ho-hum commute into an opportunity for humor and some questionable artistic expression with the My Car Guest Book. It’s a tome for travelers of all shapes and sizes and the weirder your passengers get the more fun it’s going to be in the long run.

Tuck this book in your back seat or glove compartment and watch the frivolities unfold. Your copilots will have access to page after page of silly prompts including miniature games of car bingo, road rage report cards, and soundtrack checklists – and that’s just the beginning. Surprise your first-time driver with a copy of this book in their new-to-the secondhand car because it’s way better than a car full of texting teens or leave it on the seat in your own car to help pass the time whenever you hit traffic. For extra cool points, package it with some colored pencils or markers – you never know what your van-riding Van Goghs might come up with.


  • Sparkly vinyl cover will pimp your ride
  • Easier—and more fun—than backseat driving!
  • Padded hardcover with foil stamping, ribbon page marker
  • 112 pages

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