Whiskers the Doodles Cat

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Here, kitty kitty! Feline playtime has never been as fun – or as fun to look at – as it is with Whiskers™ the Doodles® Cat. This ferocious four-legged friend doesn’t have a single hair to shed and you won’t catch a single meow escaping from her little mouth but what he looks in animation she makes up for in versatility. Whiskers is a metal marvel, constructed using countless spirals of stainless steel held together by aluminum joints that allow the cat to move in about a hundred different ways. She can bend, perch, arch her back, roll into a ball, beg for treats (just don’t expect her to eat them), raise a paw in greeting, roll over and play possum, and more. The options are literally as endless as Whisker’s new owner’s imagination.

Whiskers also likes to make herself useful. She’ll happily hold a note or business card to keep important details handy, sit on a stack of papers or open page of a book to weigh everything down, and brighten onlookers’ moods without even needing to purr. She’s the perfect pet for allergy sufferers, artists, and bored office workers alike, making her the ideal gift for just about anyone. Wondering who’s going to feed the pretty kitty? Wrap her up with other members of her Doodles family – there’s Adam, Eve, and even a dog named Rover.


  • Handmade of stainless-steel wire with aluminum rivets
  • Whiskers™ the Doodles® Cat is the purrfect feline to lessen the stress of your daily routine.
  • Her adjustable joints and flexible limbs allow her to hold any pose for as long as you need—she even has an additional joint in the middle of her body, allowing her to fully arch her back or curl up in a ball to hold odds and ends securely on your desk
  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.9 x 5.7 in.

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