Whiskey Wedge

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Normally no one would want a wedge to come between them and their whiskey, but this situation is a little bit different. Diluting drinks got you down in the dumps? Is your favorite whiskey going to waste because you don't have the right glass to accommodate a few fingers of booze as well as clunky cubes of ice? When your loved one is constantly complaining of not-so-happy hours or forced to drink crushed ice and cognac straight out of a red plastic cup, it's time for you to step in and offer up the Whiskey Wedge as the ideal gift for men and women who need a little help adulting.

Easily the best invention since sliced bread, the Whiskey Wedge is a silicon ice form that comes with its own attractive rocks glass. Slide the wedge into the glass, add water, and place the entire contraption in the freezer. As the water solidifies, it forms a wedge shape on one side of the glass, leaving the rest of the glass open to accommodate whiskey, scotch, vodka, rum, bourbon, tequila, or whatever other booze your buddy can dream up. As the drink mellows in the glass, the wedge slowly melts, keeping everything cool without destroying the liquor's innate flavor, aroma, and texture.

Truly innovative gifts for whiskey lovers are hard to come by, but this cutting-edge wedge fits the bill. Grab one to pair with other whiskey gifts, like a bottle of small-batch booze, or give it on its own as a thank you gift, birthday surprise, or just because.

Goodbye watered-down whiskey!


  • Includes 1 Glass + 1 Silicone Ice Form
  • HOW TO USE: Simply freeze water in the glass with silicone ice form inserted; ice freezes in the shape of a wedge on one side of the glass
  • The perfect gift for whiskey lovers and design enthusiasts

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