Why You're So Awesome Fill in the Love Journal

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Can you fill the love tonight? That tingly feeling that comes along with love deserves its place in history, and we're not just talking about the kind of love that's all butterflies in your belly and stars in your eyes. Love for your significant others, your siblings, your kids, or your bestie -- it's all equally valid and worthy of celebration. How do you show that special someone what they mean to you? Infuse your touching tribute with a heaping dose of sentimentality with the Why You're So Awesome Fill in the Love Journal. It's like mad libs for mad love, giving you fill-in-the-blank phrases you can complete with the appropriate verbiage for whoever it is that you have in mind.

Eager to cheer up someone who's having a bad day? Want Grandpa to know that you love him more than ever? Looking for a Valentine's Day gift that's more memorable than chocolate and far less cliché than gas station roses or a drugstore teddy bear? From a boost of encouragement on graduation day to a "just because" reminder that you think your boo is just swell, there are plenty of occasions that cry out for a sweet surprise. Grab a bottle of wine or an ice cold mocktail, hand over your poignant present, and go through the personalized pages together. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and best of all, you'll give it two massive thumbs up.


  • This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe some aspect of awesomeness about a friend, sibling, or significant other
  • Make it as fun, funny, or far-out as you choose!
  • If you are wondering how to cheer someone up, the answer's right here
  • Look no further for boyfriend gift ideas—this will please even the pickiest of paramours
  • Hardcover with removable clear plastic jacket; 4.5 × 3.25 inches; 112 pages

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