Doodles Bike

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How do sketches get from point A to point B? Why they ride a Doodles® Bike, of course! It's not easy to find transportation when you're just a 3D iteration of a mindless drawing, but that doesn't mean you automatically have to walk everywhere. This brightly colored two-wheeler is taking fun and whimsy on the road and everyone wants to follow. Like other pieces in the Doodles collection, the bike is made using hand-sculpted wire lovingly looped into tip-top shape and then accent with vivid silicone accents. The overall effect is both striking and dynamic -- a definite conversation piece that's bound to bring people over for a closer look.

The Doodles Bike is a stellar gift for a cycling fan who wants a reminder of their hobby even when bad weather or a busy schedule makes hitting the pavement impossible. Give one to a friend who needs a splash of color in their life or grab several for an artistic display that's conspicuous in its creativity. Eager to add some life to your bike-themed present? Pair it with other figures from the Doodles collection -- there's Adam, Eve, Rover the Dog, and Whiskers the Cat -- for a family friendly grouping that can be posed, played with, and assigned an endless list of tasks.


  • Hand sculpted wire Doodles bicycle with vibrant silicone accents
  • Wheels,pedals & Break are functional
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 2.1 x 7 in.

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