Fish Laundry Bag

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They say that house guests and fish stink in three days but these adorable sea-colored swimmers are anything but smelly. In fact, laundry day has never been so much fun thanks to this Fish Laundry Bag. For the person who dreads chores, injecting a bit of whimsy and fun can make all the difference between a pile of dirty duds that heaps up in the corner for a month or two and a collection of clean shirts, jumpers, and pants stowed away neatly. Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places; in this case, a softly scaled buddy might be all the encouragement that special someone needs to pick up their socks and throw some soap in the washer.

Each fish-shaped laundry bag features a split tail, curved sides, and an eye that’s ideal for keeping a lookout for the laundry situation. A drawstring top keeps clothes secure during the trek to and from the laundromat. Give one (or several, for efficient sorting and storage purpose) to someone who needs a way to contain laundry that’s a bit more fun than a traditional basket. This bag also works as a way to tote around clean clothes during a sleepover, camping trip, or visit to the gym or swim class.


  • Easy to use; easy to clean
  • Measures: 35.4"L x 21.2"W x 0.2"H

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