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Hit the road, Jack – and remember every mile thanks to the completely customizable pages of My Travel Journal. Part diary, part Hobbit-esque chronicles, part sketchbook, this lengthy tome eagerly awaits your doodles, scribbles, and other personal touches. Use it as a planner to plot out your backpacking adventure or trip on the Orient Express and you can paste in train schedules, packing lists, tour itineraries, and accommodation confirmations. On the other hand, you can leave room for in-the-moment additions like a spontaneous ode to the caricaturist selling sketches on Bourbon Street or the phone number of that bewitching young lady you danced with in Rio.

My Travel Journal has a hard cover that is equally adept at withstanding wind, rain, and rings from your glass of wine in Bordeaux. It also works as a table for impromptu lakeside picnics and as a doorstop when you’re terrified you’re going to get trapped in that pint-sized hostel bathroom again. It’s a travel lover’s delight but the possibilities don’t end there. Give it as a gift to someone who needs some inspiration to explore the world outside of their hometown or fill it with ideas and surprise your recently retired parents.

The planet is a really big place and it’s just waiting to be discovered. The only thing better than uncovering revelation after revelation is having somewhere to record it all for posterity.


  • Fill in your own checklists, recommendations and highlights.
  • With the My Travel journal you can add photos, tick off those must see destinations and prepare for future adventures
  • With it's hard cover you can be sure that it will resist even the longest trips, so you can collect a lifetime of adventures
  • A perfect gift for globe trotters!

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