Takara Bottle Holder

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Some bottles of wine are so delicious you can't help but wish they could be kept forever. It might not be practical to store the juice itself indefinitely, but saving and displaying a beautiful bottle -- before or after it's been emptied of its contents -- has never been more stunning than with the creation of this Takara™ Bottle Holder.

Each holder is made using teak sourced in Indonesia, which happens to be the leading place to find this gorgeous wood. Teak is prized for its ability to withstand the ravages of time, including an innate resistance to warping and cracking, but the value extends far beyond simple functionality and durability. The wood itself is subjected to minimal manipulation, remaining almost totally organic and full of color variations and irregularities. The result is a twisting, swirling block of wood that is completely unique and full of spirit, breathing life into the holder. It's the ideal complement for another living entity like wine and the effect of the finished work is phenomenal.

The Takara Bottle Holder isn't just a passing trifle, it's a gift with history and generations of craftsmanship behind it.  For anyone who appreciates fine art, a great story, and the hard work of traditional artisans, this piece will make a worthy addition to the bar, kitchen, den, or wine cellar.


  • Made from Teak wood tree
  • Product Dimensions: 2.9 x 2.9 x 8.3 in.

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