Dainty Hawaiian Birthstone Shaker Necklace

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Shake things up Hawaiian style for her birthday and every day. Acclaimed jewelry artist Catherine Weitzman calls Hawaii home and all of her designs are inspired by that tropical paradise.

Each shaker necklace contains a collection of vibrant colored crystals that “shake” and make a soft, soothing, almost sand-like rattling sound in the rounded two-sided watch glass chamber. It will whisk you away to a lagoon where a gentle rain is rattling on the tropical leaves as it travels down.

Choose the semi-precious birthstone crystals that match her birth month to float within the pendant for a gift she’ll never forget. Each crystal is like a symbol of a wish or unforgettable moment that has passed or is yet to come.

This is an exceptional gift for the romantic dreamer or budding mystic who likes her jewelry to make a statement without overpowering her natural sense of style. Each pendant is framed with the design of gently carved branches to bring the piece and its owner even closer to nature. Not too bright, not too bold, not too showy, but eye-catchingly unique; this necklace can compliment almost any day’s outfit with ease.

As exotic as these are as birthday gifts, they also make amazing push presents with the crystals of their newborn’s birth month or an enchanting wedding gift from the groom with the crystals of their wedding month. Along the same lines, it would make a tear-jerker of an anniversary gift as well!

Choose from 18k gold vermeil or recycled sterling silver
Colored semi-precious crystal stones
Watch glass casing
18 inches chain included
Pendant measures 21mm

About the artist:
Catherine draws inspiration from the places she visited and the people she came across on a five-year journey around the world with her husband. Her studio, originally in San Francisco, is now in Hawaii where each piece is handmade with love. Her jewelry is prized for its beauty and is collected and worn by celebrities and sophisticates around the world.

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