Anniversary Bracelet

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Secrets in a marriage aren’t necessarily a good thing. Unless you’re asked about stinky socks or expanding waistlines, honesty is always the best policy. Still, some secrets are special enough to warrant an exception, and we have one right here.

At first glance, this Anniversary Bracelet looks like a beautiful double-barreled bangle. Sleek and elegant, the cuff wraps around the wrist in a waterfall of shimmering metal. Look at the end, though, and you’ll see the secret revealed: the bracelet is actually the eternity symbol, used to represent you and your sweetheart’s never-ending love. It’s available in your choice of 18k gold-plated or rhodium-plated brass and also features the phrase “I LOVE YOU INFINITELY” engraved across the front — just what you need to let her know how much you adore her.

Make your next anniversary count with a gift that’s breathtaking enough to save for a special occasion but so heartfelt she’ll want to wear it every day. Good job, you!


  • 18K Gold plated or Rhodium plated brass 6.5in infinity sign shaped cuff with approximately 1in opening Adjustable;
  • One size fits most


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