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Who can keep drinks cooler longer, no matter where you go? Artican!

Cold drinks are delicious, but there's one major hurdle between thirsty palates and a long pull of a refreshingly chilled beverage: there's never a fridge around when you need one. Thirst doesn't always come calling when it's convenient. Sometimes you find yourself craving some ice water on the way to work or realize you're unpleasantly parched right in the middle of your kid's softball game. What's a poor, drink-deprived dude or dudette to do?

Save someone special from going through such a dire set of circumstances by giving them the gift of cold beverages on the go. The Artican has a core base that loves to be in the freezer. Let it freeze solid, then twist it onto the outer shell, add a can or individually sized bottle of something delicious, and the cold core will keep the Artican's contents cold for up to three hours. Be it beer, soda, juice, sparkling water, or almost anything else that comes in a 12-ounce can or standard bottle size.

The best part? The Artican is made using double-walled stainless steel, so the drink stays cool, but the user's hands stay comfortable from the first sip to the final slurp. After all, even if their beverage is three times as cool for triple the time, no one wants to defrost their digits after, right? Right.

Never lose your cool.


  • Arctican keeps cold cans cold for up to 3 hours. Simply freeze the cooling core base, twist it on, drop in a cold beverage and enjoy ice cold drinks for up to three hours
  • 3x colder, 3x longer than the average foam can cooler
  • Fits most 12 ounce aluminum cans and standard bottles
  • Keeps your hand from getting cold
  • Double walled stainless steel
  • Vacuum sealed
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