Art Glass Sea Turtle

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Ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? That’s literally true for sea turtles, who get their unique coloring because they scarf down seagrass and algae like it’s going out of style. That leafy buffet turns their cartilage and fat into an artistic masterpiece, and this Art Glass Sea Turtle captures the entire vibe perfectly.

It all starts with a handblown glass seat turtle that’s remarkably detailed. As if the adorable flipper-ish arms and legs weren’t enough, there are two little black dots for eyes and wave-like striping within the glass that echoes the same reflective quality you find in the ocean. Instead of a shell, this blown glass sea turtle is packed with a collection of sand and seashells to round out the seaside theme in style. Because each piece is made by hand, every creation is completely unique — just like the person you’ll want to give this to!

It’s the perfect surprise for anyone who feels at home with the waves lapping at their feet. Use it as a wedding party gift for your destination I dos, to make your nautically themed bathroom come alive, or as a present for that special someone who needs a smile.

  • Sea Turtle size: Approx 10" x 8" x 2"
  • Sea shells are randomly packed, quantity and size are random***
  • High quality hand blown art glass that is made to last
  • Vivid, long lasting color, we use color glass not paints, that's safe for you and the environment

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