Auto Parts Chess Board

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Brawn and brains collide with this Auto Parts Chess Board, a hobby-straddling masterpiece that comes straight from the brilliant mind of artist Armando Ramirez.

Gone are the days when we pigeonholed people as either nerds or jocks. The same goes for mechanics and chess masters. Who says you can’t work on cars or do a little light engineering during the day and then relax with a game of chess in the evening? This set plays homage to two contrasting passions with chess pieces made out of automobile parts. From bishops with heads made out of spark plugs to pawns constructed from bolts and round dies welded together in perfect harmony, every piece is skillfully erected to make the most of the upcycled materials.

This collection of intentionally rustic sculptures can be used to play actually games of chess or put on display in an office, living room, or den. Gift one to the chess player in your life who appreciates unique finds or the handy mechanic who can execute a Sicilian Defense or Reti Opening in his or her sleep. Even an interior designer or art collector will find a soft spot in their heart and place of honor in their house for this artistic triumph.


  • 19.4 lbs
  • 20" H x 20" W x 2.8" D
  • Largest piece: 6.5" H x 1.6" Diam.
  • Smallest piece: 3.2" H x 1.6" Diam.
  • Recycled metal
  • Features a rustic, rugged finish
  • Each work is unique. Recycled parts will vary from piece to piece based on availability.
  • Made in Mexico.

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