Barrel Head Bottle Holder

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Put down the gravy boat and back away from that ugly vase. If you're searching for wedding gifts for your soon-to-be-wed besties, you need to think outside the box. After all, there are only so many tea cozies and ironing boards one couple can appreciate. For the newlyweds who deserve more -- and for anyone else whose coupledom deserves a tangible reward -- there's this Barrel Head Bottle Holder.

A vintage bottle of vino is a great present for anyone celebrating their big day, but instead of duplicating that idea, opt for a coordinating wine gift that's a little more aesthetic and a lot more personalized. This impressive piece of functional decor looks just like the top of a wine barrel with the notable addition of a two-pronged wrought iron holder perfectly sized for a standard 750-ml bottle of wine. Customize the piece with the first names of the couple, their wedding year (or any other special date), and their newly shared last name, and voila! You've got a one-of-kind creation that will look smashing on a dining room wall or hung up in your friend's den.

When an ordinary gift for wine lovers just won't do, fete your favorite couple with a present that goes above and beyond. This bottle holder fits the bill perfectly.


  • Personalize Barrel Head with a wrought iron bottle holder.
  • The perfect way to display that special bottle of wine from your wedding. 
  • Size: 21" inches

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