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It’s scientific fact that men with beards are evolutionarily superior because their extra hair allows them to adapt to the elements in ways smooth-faced men cannot. Basically, grow a beard and the apocalypse doesn’t stand a chance. That’s why it’s so important that you gift the people you love with at least one of these extremely stylish and survival-ready Beard Hats.

Fear not, beard-challenged friends. It no longer matters whether you can cultivate a goatee or make a mustache happen. These Beard Hats come complete with a wooly cap and detachable beard that wards of the winter chill even as it helps you look stylish and, of course, super masculine. There are several different styles to match each wearer’s personal aesthetic. Be a knight, a pillager, a villager, or a viking, and make your dreams of hairy heroism come true in an instant.

It’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which this gift wouldn’t be a huge hit. Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Halloween, just because you feel like making someone laugh and this is the perfect way to do it — wrap up a Beard Hat and watch as your favorite dude is transformed into a master and commander with a face full of yarn that proves he’s a manly man after all.


Gear up and feel like a knight from medieval times with the chunky knit Barbarian Knight Beard Head this winter, complete with detachable beard and moveable visor. As a biting cold wind blows through the morning air and chills you to your bones, stand tall and venture forth with confidence, knowing your epic beard will keep your face warm.

With a truly legendary design that that both protects and inspires, nothing will stand against you and your Beard Head this winter.


Imagine the fear in your enemies' eyes as they see you rushing at them. Their knees will shake. Their shouts will echo through the halls. The smell of their fainting bodies is a fragrance you'll always remember. know...maybe everyone will just have a good laugh when they see you in your epic Barbarian Looter Beard Head.

The perfect choice for everyone who wants to be a sensation at any party. Whether it's for Halloween, Christmas, or Oktoberfest, the Barbarian Looter Beard Head is sure to make everyone's night one to remember.


Every wannabe Berserker has run into the age-old conundrum of "How can I keep my head and face warm while maintaining my aura of legendary awesomeness?" We here at Beard Head agree it's a tough one, so we've designed the Barbarian Pillager Beard Head to do just that. So paint your face and let your long braided beard flow behind you, because now you’re ready for Ragnarök!

Crafted with high-quality yarn and sporting a truly unforgettable design, this is the only beard/ hat combo you'll need! You're welcome, Bud.


This is not just any hat. This epic knit Viking helmet and detachable yarn beard is made for your kid to wear while fending off attackers and dragons. Crafted to be worn for many years, put your kid on the top of the world with the Kid Viking Beard Head that looks just like the Viking helmets from the ancient times. When there aren't any battles left to be fought or dragons to be found, this knit helmet and beard combo also serves as a great winter hat that will protect your kid's face and head from even the coldest and harshest of weather.

There are few winter hats that are more fun to wear than the Kid Viking Beard Head, a hat so epic that it's known to transform kids into little warriors. Dang they look cute...We mean fierce!


  • Detachable/adjustable button beard for perfect placement
  • One size fits (almost) all. Kid hats best fit ages 1-6 years old.
  • Beard: 100% acrylic yarn
  • Hat: 100% acrylic yarn
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